Links for Linux: Ubuntu

I recently found this guide I wrote a while ago for newbies for installing Ubuntu.


Welcome to “Links of Linux: Ubuntu” Beta, all o knowledge of Linux in one place, beta-style. Here I will link various websites to help you use, understand, and master the Ubuntu operating system. Many of the links here overlap, and a few I included just for a small part of the article. I will tell you briefly why I chose to include each link after I give it. I would recommend following all the links, but some are a matter of style and personal preferences, while others are critical.

  • Background

What is Life, Linux, or Ubuntu?

10 Basic Linux Questions, Answered.

Simple Wikipedia article on Linux – I actually prefer their explanation of Linux to that of real Wikipedia’s.

Common Linux Terms

  • Installing

The first step for any Linux user is ditching their current OS (operating system) and installing Linux, this link make it easy.

Ubuntu Jaunty Installation Guide – I included this link because it is the easiest installation guide I’ve found. The PDF file is Here.

The Perfect Desktop Series – Another more in-depth installation guide for Ubuntu, the important pages are 1 and 2.

  • Preparing for daily use

After a fresh Install, Ubuntu will work sorta well, here are links to make it run really well.

9 Things You Need To Do/Install After Installing Ubuntu 9.04 – In my opinion, the most important things to do here are #4, #5, #7,and #8.

25 Must Have Ubuntu Programs – The only ones I have installed here are 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 22, and 25.

20 things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux– The big ones here are 1-8 and 14-20

  • Upkeep

10 useful sites you should bookmark

How to be your own tech support.

Congratulations, you have a wonderfully running OS, now lets see what it can really do.

*I’m still gathering my bookmarks, don’t shank me!*

  • Continued reading

More programs, more links, more fun, more to come.


Adobe Air apps ( assuming you’ve installed Adobe air)


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