Problem, Ideas, Plan

I recently found this worksheet titled PIP: Problem, Ideas, Plan. Apparently, it is a template for improving your problem solving skills through solving your problems. What a strange concept. It goes as follows:

A. What is on your mind? What is something you would like help in solving?

B. From what you wrote above, create at least three was to phase a problem starting with “How to”.
How to….

How to….

How to….

C. Now, form the list above, select the most important problem to address and write it below.
How to….

D. Generate at least 6 ideas for answering the question above. Seek quantity, wild and unusual ideas, and build on ideas.

E. Choose the best idea from the list above. Can you see yourself doing this? Write exactly what you will be doing.
What I see myself doing is….

F Now, create and action plan to implement your solution. Start with the last date, Make sure there is action scheduled within 24 hours, Use physical dates on the calender, and write at least 5 action steps.


I’m posting this because i like this plan, and think there is probably someone who can benefit from it. Try it and see for yourself.



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